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Fuugu User Guide

👋 Hi! Our team is happy to introduce you to a short guide on how to use Fuugu. Click on the topic that interests you.

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How to Use?

Fuugu Smart Dishwasher Cleaners

Empty your dishwasher so that there is nothing left in it.

Take out film from the tablet before use. Use with dry hands only.

Put one tablet in the dispenser.

Close the dishwasher door and put your dishwasher on at least a 60°C running cycle.

Fuugu Smart Dishwasher Cleaners

How to Use?

Fuugu Smart disposal cleaning:

Fuugu Smart disposal cleaning:

Turn on the hot water to a low flow.

Place two tablets in the disposal.

Turn on the disposal for 15-30 seconds.
The foam may rise.

Turn off the disposal.

Rinse away foam and any residue down the drain.

Fuugu Smart drain cleaning:

Drop two tablets into the drain or toilet bowl where water accumulates.

Note: If it is a small drain where it is not easy to put the tablets, such as a sink, please dissolve them in hot water and flush them in.

Leave it for about 30 minutes and then rinse with water.

Note: During lower temperatures in winter, the tablets may be difficult to dissolve, so fill them with warm water(40°C/104°F) or leave them for more than 1 hour.

Fuugu Smart drain cleaning:

How to Use?

Fuugu Smart Washing Machine Cleaners

Ensure that the washing machine is empty and there are no clothes inside.

Add one tablet directly to the washing drum. (Do not place it into the detergent dispenser).

For washers with a Clean Washer/Clean tube cycle, SELECT and run the “Clean Washer/Clean Tube” cycle.

Fuugu Smart Washing Machine Cleaners


Non HE(high-efficiency) Washers: Select and run a normal or heavy (where applicable) cycle with the hot water setting.

HE(high-efficiency): Select and run the largest load and longest cycle with the hot water setting. If necessary, refer to your model’s Use and Care Guide for the necessary cycle selection.

How to Use?

Fuugu Smart Laundry Detergent Sheets


One Fuugu Sheet Pack has 36 sheets. Each sheet is flexible to fit your needs, no matter the laundry size.

Why do the detergent sheets come pre-measured?

Do you use far more detergent than needed? With Fuugu, all the tedious calculations have been done for you. No more waste. Use just what you need.

Wash tip:

Use more/less sheets, depending on your laundry size and how much cleaning power you want to apply.

Fuugu Smart Laundry Detergent Sheets

Recommended Use (based on load size)

Regular-sized load (½ drum of clothes)

For a regular-sized load, use one (½) sheet. 36 regular-sized loads = 72 sheets.

Large load (¾ drum of clothes)

For a large load, use one (1) sheet. 36 large loads = 36 sheets.

Extra-large load (Full drum of clothes)

For an extra-large load, use two (2) sheets. 18 extra-large loads = 18 sheets.

Recommended Use (based on load size)

FOR Top-loading Machines with Detergent Compartment/Box

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Tear

Tear your Fuugu Laundry Sheet into smaller pieces.

Step 2: Add to compartment

Put the small pieces in the detergent compartment/box for liquid soap.

Step 3: Let it dissolve

This one’s not really a step for you. It’s for your machine! As water flows in your top-loading machine, the sheets dissolve and mix with the water creating a liquid, powerful fabric-friendly solution. At the end of your wash cycle, your clothes will come out pristinely clean!

FOR Top-loading Machine without Detergent Compartment/Box

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Load

Put your clothes in the machine.

Step 2: Toss

Throw your Fuugu Laundry Sheets in with your clothes. Make sure the sheets land right on top of your pile of clothes.

Step 3: Observe

Look for Fuugu residue after the first wash cycle. If you notice any, we recommend tearing the sheets into smaller bits before Step 2.

FOR Front-loading Machine

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Divide

Tear your detergent sheets into smaller bits.

Step 2: Toss

Put the small-sized sheets into the compartment for liquid detergent. As the water flows from the machine, the sheets will dissolve and mix with the load in the same way liquid detergent would.

Step 3: Observe

Look for residue in the liquid detergent compartment. If you find any, remove the tray completely. Fill the space with your Fuugu Sheets instead.

How to Use?

Fuugu Smart Multi-Surface Cleaner

Fuugu Multi-Surface Cleaner is an environmental-friendly solution for home cleaning.

Use Fuugu to take care of surfaces in your bathroom, kitchen and other places around the house.

Here’s how to use Fuugu Cleaner Tablets (for maximum effect) in three easy steps:

Fuugu Smart Multi-Surface Cleaner

Step 1: Fill

Fill any empty spray bottle with 500 ml of warm water. We recommend using a reusable bottle, like the one that came with your cleaner tablets.

Step 2: Drop

Place the tablet in the water-filled spray bottle.

Step 3: Wait

Hold on for a few minutes while the tablet fully dissolves.

Step 4: Spray

Once the tablet is fully dissolved, you can begin cleaning.