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Your Machine Will Run Like New With Fuugu

Improve Performance

Fully cleans your dishwasher to give you sparkling results after every load.

Long-lasting Results

Just one Fuugu tablet once per month is needed to maintain your dishwasher’s cleanliness.

Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets Remove Build-up in Just one cycle

Is There a Foul Smell Coming From Your Dishwasher?

Is There a Foul Smell Coming From Your Dishwasher?

Ever smell something funky coming out of your dishwasher? You might try to clean it out yourself, but, you won’t ever be able to reach all areas and parts inside your machine!

Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets clean your entire dishwasher, even the places you can’t see! It gets into your dishwasher’s filter, spray arms, pump and valve, drain, and recirculation hoses. Fuugu eliminates bacteria, mould, and food waste that causes your dishwasher to emit unpleasant smells.

Do You Want Your Dishwasher to Perform like New?

Do You Want Your Dishwasher to Perform like New?

Have you noticed that your dishwasher doesn’t perform like it used to?

It’s not because it’s an old machine! It’s because you aren’t using Fuugu tablets to clean it. Fuugu tablets restore your dishwasher to its original cleanliness, so it can perform as it once did. It’s the most effective product available on the market. Try it for yourself today!

Why Clean Your Dishwasher by Hand?

Why Clean Your Dishwasher by Hand?

Scrubbing your dishwasher by hand is extremely gross and difficult work. There’s so much food and grime inside. Cleaning your dishwasher also takes so much time, and you’re busy enough as it is! It’s also no fun breathing in harsh chemicals from cleaning products.

The truth is, cleaning by hand is unnecessary. Because you’ll never be able to clean your dishwasher as well as Fuugu does. Fuugu cleans every part of your dishwasher, even the parts you can’t see and would never be able to clean yourself! It’s also biodegradable and natural. Let Fuugu take care of your dishwasher cleaning for you. Think of all the spare time you’ll have! Life is too short to waste time on tedious cleaning.

Want Dishes That ALWAYS Come Out Clean?

Want Dishes That ALWAYS Come Out Clean?

If you find that you constantly need to put your dishes in the washer for more than one cycle, the problem could be your machine.

Did you know that limescale and mineral build-up are pervasive problems in dishwashers? If you don’t get rid of these nasty problems, you will never get sparkling clean dishes. Limescale and mineral build-up will transfer to your dishes and can cause damage.

With just one Fuugu tablet, once per month, you can have a completely clean and hygienic dishwasher. Your clean dishes will thank you!

Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets

Complete care for your dishwasher

Just One Tablet

Add Fuugu into your dishwasher and run a cycle. One pack lasts 6 months.

Effective & Effortless

Get a clean machine without any scrubbing or work.


Super Deep Clean

Eliminates bacteria, mould, limescale, & grease from every part of your machine.

Biodegradable & Natural Solution

No harsh chemicals.

Eco-friendly product.

Don’t Risk Your Health

Don’t Risk Your Health

Dishwashers are a hostile environment. They’re dark and damp. Filled with grime and bacteria. And you know what dishwashers are also perfect for? Spreading mould.

You don't want to eat off dishes from a mouldy dishwasher, do you? Mould, especially black mould, fungal infections and bacteria could cause serious health problems. To stop the spread of these infestations, use Fuugu

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Dishwasher

Super Power Tablet

The Easiest Way to Clean Your Dishwasher

Fuugu makes cleaning your dishwasher extremely easy. All you need to do is pop a tablet in the detergent tray and run a normal wash cycle! It works in all types of dishwashers.

You’ll save so much time just by choosing this easy solution.

All you need to do is use one Fuugu tablet once per month. You’ll get 6 months of use with one Fuugu package.

Works With

All Types

Of Dishwashers

Never Have a Dirty Dishwasher Again



Never Have a Dirty Dishwasher Again

Dirty washers will cause your dishes to come out foggy and dirty. No matter how many times you put them through a cycle. If you want your dishwasher to sparkle, you need to use Fuugu. After just one use, you’ll have a gorgeous clean dishwasher. You’ll be able to see the results!

Your Dishwasher’s New Best Friend

Your Dishwasher’s New Best Friend

Here’s why you need it!

Fresh Lemon Scent

Eliminate unpleasant smells after one use.


Don’t spend money on expensive cleaning products.

Protective Packaging

Fuugu’s packaging protects it from the elements, so it lasts.

See Fuugu in Action

Fuugu Tablets are Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly

Fuugu Tablets are Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly

Fuugu tablets are made of natural and safe materials, perfect for the whole family. They’re better for your health and the earth than products that use harsh chemicals, and they work better!

Just put Fuugu in your machine and forget it!

For a Sparkling Clean, Fresh Scent, Hygienic Dishwasher

Never Disassemble the Dishwasher Again

Never Disassemble the Dishwasher Again

Your busy life has NO time for unnecessary cleaning. And dishwashers require a lot of time and effort to clean. You would have to disassemble the whole machine to actually clean it properly.

But who would ever want to do that? It’s not necessary! And it would be so gross getting in there, with all the old food, grime, and mould. Your hands would also stink like chemicals and cleaning products. With Fuugu, you can just pop it into the dishwasher and put on a cycle! And you’ll get an immaculate machine with zero effort required!

Disclaimer: Fuugu products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or condition, but rather to provide a cleaning solution to any household dishwasher.

*Individual results may vary.

Customer Reviews

Olivia Kjeldsen

Verified Customer

I was worried about bacteria building up inside my dishwasher. I was afraid that my family and myself would end up getting sick from mold exposure, or something worse! After trying the Fuugu tablets, the inside of my dishwasher is the cleanest it has ever been! I no longer worry about getting sick and can feel confident that I have put my family’s health as a top priority.

Sara P. Mogensen

Verified Customer

Have you ever tried to clean your dishwasher before? Let me tell you, its not an easy task. It used to take me hours to scrub out all the gross dirt that had accumulated inside. Now, with the Fuugu tablets, all I have to do is run my dishwasher through a normal cycle and it comes out cleaner than ever - without investing hours of hard work!

Chelsea Bakken

Verified Customer

My dishwasher is old but it now looks better than the day I bought it! The Fuugu has eliminated the dirt inside and I feel like I have invested in a brand new machine!

Enrica Udinese

Verified Customer

My plates and glasses have never looked cleaner. They used to come out looking streaked and dirty but after using the Fuugu tablets, they are sparkling clean!

Your Machine Will Run Like New With Fuugu