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Cleaner for Synoshi


Multi-surface cleaner

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One tablet - an entire bottle of cleaner for every area of your home


Banishes odors, tackles stains, and sanitizes surfaces effectively.


Free from harsh chemicals that pose risks to both humans and the environment.

Environmentally friendly

A single product suffices for your entire home, eliminating the need for multiple purchases & lasts a long time.

Your Clean Home Recipe

Sparkling clean doesn't mean hours of cleaning. Pair it with your Synoshi power scrubber and witness unparalleled results in minutes!

Perfect disinfection

Synoshi's replaceable nozzles and multi-purpose cleaner will help you clean even hard-to-reach spots safely and effectively.

Eco-friendly choice

A single tablet suffices for an entire cleaner bottle. Add the durable Synoshi, and you’ll have the forever-perfect duo for a consistently sparkling-clean home without waste.

Gentle & safe

Synoshi nozzles and mild cleanser are gentle on all surfaces, including delicate ones. It purifies surfaces without causing damage and protects against harsh chemicals and allergenic latex for both surfaces and sensitive skin.

United States

The product works fantastic!

United States

Best cleaner ever used.

How it works?

Drop a Fuugu Multi-Surface Cleaner Tablet into an empty spray bottle, or the one included in your order.

Fill it with water and gently shake the bottle to dissolve the tablet completely.

Spray the solution onto your desired surface and wipe clean with a cloth or sponge.

For an immaculate home, use it with the Synoshi spin power scrubber.

Repeat the process when the cleaner runs out.

No more clutter. Only neat & cozy home

Replace multiple products with one compact cleaner & turn messy cupboards into a tidy home you've been dreaming of.

What's Included in Every Order?

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What's Included in Every Order?

5 Fuugu Multi-Surface Cleaner Tablets

Reusable Spray Bottle

Free $19.95

Get -50% Discount