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Enhance Cleaning Power

Fuugu boosts your washing machine’s cleaning power. You’ll get cleaner clothes after every load!

No Effort Needed

Fuugu deep cleans your washing machine, even the parts you can’t reach or see.

Long-lasting Results

One Fuugu tablet keeps your washing machine sparkly clean for an entire month.

Fuugu Removes Nasty Build-up Inside Your Washing Machine

Fuugu Removes Nasty Build-up Inside Your Washing Machine

Is Your Washing Machine Smelly?

Have you ever noticed a foul smell coming from your washing machine? Not only is this an unpleasant experience, but it’s a sign that your machine is not very clean. The tricky part is that washing machines aren’t easy to clean by hand. They have many internal parts that we can’t reach or see. Luckily, Fuugu has the solution that every washer needs. The tablets deep clean your entire machine to eliminate inanimate bacteria, limescale, and dirt.

Don’t let nasty build-up and odors take over your washer. Use Fuugu once per month for an effortless clean with powerful results you can smell and see!

Give Your Old Washing Machine New Life

Is your washing machine not performing like it used to? You might think that it’s time to throw it out. But it might just needs a thorough cleaning with Fuugu!

Limescale is one of the biggest contributors to poor performance in washing machines. But Fuugu eliminates built-up limescale from the entire machine. By removing limescale, Fuugu helps your machine smell incredible, clean clothes effectively, and last longer.

Maximize Your Washing Machine’s Cleaning Power

When your washing machine isn’t clean, your laundry won’t be clean either. A build-up of grime, bacteria, and mold can transfer from the machine to your laundry. It can make your clothes smell funky, irritate your skin, or look dull.

Fuugu gives your washing machine a deep clean to help it perform better. Your laundry will come out fresh, clean, and bright every time. It gives your wardrobe an extended life cycle; who wouldn’t want that?

How Does Fuugu Washing Machine Cleaner Work?

Fuugu Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

Complete care for your washing machine

Just One Tablet

One pack of Fuugu lasts up to 6 months, as you only need to use it once per month.

Powerful & Effortless

No scrubbing required! All you need to do is run your washing machine cycle to get powerful results.


Ultimate Deep Clean

Cleans every part of your machine and helps eliminate inanimate bacteria, limescale, dirt, and grime.

Fuugu cleans ALL machines

Fuugu works with all machine types, including top and front load washers and high-efficiency models.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do Fuugu Washing Machine Tablets work?

A: Fuugu tablets work by entering the washing machine through a cleaning cycle. After placing the tablet in the machine's drum, the tablet dissolves and circulates throughout the internal parts to remove the build-up of dirt, inanimate bacteria, and limescale.

Q: Are Fuugu Washing Machine Tablets Reliable?

A: A lot of rigorous research and testing went into creating our Fuugu tablets. We selected the best ingredients to combat inanimate bacteria, limescale, grime, and more. While our ingredients are powerful, they are still safe and gentle for the whole family.

Q: How do I know if Fuugu Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets work?

A: You will be able to see, smell and feel the Fuugu effect on your machine and laundry! Your clothes will come out brighter, smell fresher, and feel softer. Your machine will be sparkly clean and smell great.

Q: How should I use Fuugu Washing Machine Tablets?

A: Simply place one tablet into the drum of your washing machine and start a full wash cycle. Make sure that your washing machine is empty. Use once a month for best results.

Easy to Use

Getting A Clean Washing Machine Is Simple!

Remove all items from your washing machine.

Place a Fuugu Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet into the tub of your washing machine. Do not place it in the dispenser.

Run your washer on the “Clean Washer” cycle. Select the quick cleaning cycle if your machine doesn’t have this option.

Use a clean towel to wipe away any leftover residue that may be left behind.

Fuugu Cleans All The Hard-To-Reach Areas of Your Washer








Easily Eliminate Unwanted Gunk


Easily Eliminate Unwanted Gunk

Cleaning your machine is super easy with Fuugu. All you have to do is place one tablet in your washer, and you’ll get a sparkly clean machine. Never worry about spending hours to manually scrub your washing machine again!

Your Washing Machine’s New Best Friend

Experience The Fuugu Difference

Here’s why you need it!

Delightful Lemon Scent

Leaves your washing machine smelling fresh.


Fuugu is the affordable option; one package lasts up to 6 whole months!

Premium Protective Packaging

Tested packaging ensures your tablets remain fresh for longer.

Fuugu Tablets: Good for You and the Environment

Fuugu Tablets: Good for You and the Environment

Fuugu tablets are made of naturally degradable materials, perfect for you and your loved ones. They’re better for your wellness and the earth than products that use harsh chemicals, and they work just as great or better! Just put Fuugu in your machine and forget it!

Why Clean Your Washing Machine by Hand

Why Clean Your Washing Machine by Hand

Life is busy enough as it is. Between taking care of the kids, completing chores, and going to work, there isn’t much time for extra cleaning duties. Without Fuugu, cleaning your washing machine would take HOURS.

So let Fuugu do the work for you! Fuugu cleans your entire machine, even getting into all those parts you can’t see, like the valve and pumps. It removes all traces of bacteria, mold, grime, and limescale, leaving you with a washing machine that looks and performs like new.

Your Washer Will Perform Better Than Ever with Fuugu

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